James Dawe is an artist and commercial illustrator/image maker based in London, working predominantly in mixed media collage and digital manipulation. His compositions have been described to have ‘beautiful glorious chaos’ to them which reflects an alternate eclectic energy in Dawe’s approach.

James' combines wide ranging source material seamlessly, to generate his own unique perception of reality.  In his carefully thought out compositions, there is a constant desire to intertwine fashion, sport, mechanical structure, and photography to produce original visions. Having successfully managed the median between his design portfolio and fine art, he has worked for various clients including; Nike, Wired, New York Times, Bloomberg, and Network Rail.

Metro Urban Impressions: For three full days, METRO took over an old town house in London’s Soho and invited their clients and friends to come and explore the feelings and moods, the highs and the lows of living in the city. This diverse range of emotions were expressed through art, film, music and installations- to which James Dawe was able to contribute. (Client: METRO, 2014)