Type Directors Club Judge's Choice Award

Nike commissioned Kevin Cantrell Design to craft the Perfect Game, All American Classic, Home Run King Bat Trophy. Inspired by old world typography that imbues the spirit of baseball, an illustrative, typographic treatment was created that envelopes the entire circumference of the bat. "The design has moved typography away from its usual association with paper, books, and screens..."

The piece was selected for the Type Directors Club Annual and received a judge's choice award, which you can learn more about here.


Check out the new series by Pawel Nolbert, focused on the topic of perception of reality and the creation of subjective, distorted reality in social media. Constructed. "We never recall things exactly as they happened. We remember them in our personal way. One, true version of reality that doesn't exist."

The creation of the series raised questions like: where does the "photo" end and "graphic" begin? Which use tools make it a photograph, and which program or tool transform it into a Photoshop illustration? Does it make sense to create that distinction anymore?

Better than pizza?

How about a new site from designer and letterer, Lauren Hom! Her portfolio and website just got a makeover and refresh, take a bite outta this: homsweethom.com

Internet XOXO's and VDAY WORDPLAY!

ATTENTION! Spread the love (safely) this VDAY with Satellite Office, &Reach, Danielle Evans, and other esteemed designers from the team! Last year Danielle crafted dimensional valentines and sent out 300 with the dadliest visual puns via Instagram DMs to all self proclaimed admirers. This time WE invite you 2 join in this elementary school style love swap!

Start by gathering up all the feels for your sweetie, craft a handmade Valentine, and use hashtag #vdaywordplay through 2/13. In return, you’ll receive a delightful Valentine DM from Danielle Evans or another secret (artist) admirer. Lovely Internet XOXO’s and candy hearts for all!

Design. Illustration. Honour.

Complete personal rebrand and new website from &Reach's Mike Harrison. StudioMH is a multi-disciplinary design & illustration studio run by Mike, who has received worldwide recognition as an illustrator and has had the privilege of working with some great clients both big and small including Nike, The BBC, NBC/Universal and Atlantic Records.

Satellite Office Photography

Our sister-agency Satellite Office has been producing some of the world’s most creative graphic design work for more than 10 years and has worked with heavy hitters in the industry such as Joshua Davis, Jon Contino, Chuck Anderson, Stefan Sagmeister, and many more!

Last week we proudly announced a fresh experience with the launching of Satellite Office Photography. Same great taste level, with brand new photographic excellence. Check out the new members of the creative family on the Satellite Instagram!

Jukebox Robots, Sad Puppies, and Vinyl Toys!

Shinbone Creative is a dedicated studio based in the very heart of Texas. Their team focuses on producing delightful digital illustrations, crafting kooky or crazy character designs, and working on the very best designer vinyl toys and fine art collectibles. Shinbone Creative is comprised of a talented team of great designers, illustrators and modelers with backgrounds in animation, comic books, film and TV. They’re a tough group to stump, and no project is too challenging for them.

Type That’s Good Enough to Eat

"When I discovered lettering, the world suddenly opened up and swallowed me."

Danielle Evans talks about food, fear, her journey, and a typical design day, in this interview with Cleveland based Go Media. Read the refreshingly honest stories Danielle told here!

James Dawe Joins &Reach Family

It's a bird. It's a plane. It's collage!

James is an artist and commercial illustrator/image maker based in London, working predominantly in mixed media collage and digital manipulation. His compositions have been described to have ‘beautiful glorious chaos’ to them which reflects an alternate eclectic energy in Dawe’s approach. His ability to explore various levels of consciousness in his work often results in dramatic imagery, helped by a few happy accidents along the way, so hold on tight. View more from his portfolio here!

Creative Entrepreneurship and Online Presence

Designer, illustrator, and colorful letterer, Lauren Hom will be speaking twice in the next few weeks. Come listen to stories of Creative Entrepreneurship in a public SVA Alumni Panel on Feb. 24th. And a few days later, hear Lauren share her tips for networking online and using your online presence to land the jobs at this FindSpark event.

Great Lakes Brewing Company

The new label artwork was handcrafted by artist Darren Booth, who is known for creating detailed paintings with collage elements. GLBC provided Booth with archival materials relevant to each brand, that were incorporated into his paintings. These discoverable elements bring additional storytelling opportunities to each package.

"They’re more than just labels. They’re conversation pieces!"